This is an intensive, 3-5 month program during which I collaborate closely with the leadership behind a transformation initiative that is facing execution challenges. These include symptoms and situations such as:

  • Technical Quality & Risk Concerns
    • Unsure about whether they’re building the right thing, the right way.
    • Unsure about whether the solution is technically sound.
  • Management and Communication issues
    • Unsure about what is the project status and when will be completed.
    • Unsure about what activities are actually taking place.
    • Lack of trust between management and delivery teams.
    • Low morale and lack of transparency across team members.
    • Defensive and fearful stakeholders.
  • Running out of time or budget
    • Deadlines or milestones constantly being missed.
    • Budget overruns, either already happening or secretly expected.

The goal is to figure out the reason why my clients are facing these challenges and present them with options to improve their situation.

Activities include:
  • Conducting a full analysis of the environment, challenges and motivations.
  • Assessing the risks and soundness of the solution, as well as the implementation’s technical quality.
  • Delivering and presenting my observations, findings and advice to the relevant stakeholders and decision-makers.
  • Providing optional implementation guidance and change management strategies.