Pathways to Delivery Success

Based on my focused approach, I understand that each phase of the project life cycle requires a different way of engagement:

Project Management

You need somebody to run your project and lead its team, making sure it delivers the desired outcome to the business, on time and on budget.

Technical Leadership

You need independent advice or guidance to support your cloud initiative, either to get a second opinion and validate its technically soundness.

And when it’s all over but: Follow-up

You don’t need me to be actively involved in your project anymore, but you still need limited access to my time and brain to close all open loops.


As an Independent, Specialty Project Manager focusing on Cloud-related initiatives, I have incorporated a variety of specialties into my practice that exemplify my unique, focused approach to Project Delivery.

Cloud Advocacy

Having direct access to an advocate that understands both the business motivation and the technologies at hand, allows the board to navigate seamlessly through the wide variety of possibilities the cloud has to offer.

This liaison proves value in not only understanding the requirements and motivations, but also giving advice to determine the viability of the initiative, understand the risks and what is to be expected.

Aaron M. Andrino

I’m a Technical Project Manager based in The Netherlands with a strong background on IT Infrastructure Operations. I help IT organizations navigate change through cloud-related initiatives.

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