Helping organizations struggling to execute their cloud transformation.

When clarity and advice is needed to get things back on track.

Meet Aaron

“He just gets it”

Since 2011, I’ve been leading many IT implementation projects involving the Cloud, on both management and engineering fronts.

Very often, the issues organizations face while embracing the cloud are not strictly technical. Focusing on the big picture is key.

Today, leading organizations seek my advice and cross-functional expertise, to figure out what’s missing in their journey to the cloud.

Who do I help?

Leaders going nuts with their Cloud Crisis

Focusing on execution, where
cloud crises are often found

Projects often get stuck during the execution phase, where management loses track of what’s going on and doesn’t know how to get it right. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Concerns about technical quality and soundness
  • Difficult communication between team members and stakeholders
  • Deadlines consistently being missed
  • Nobody really understands what’s going on

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About my practice

From the Netherlands, for clients based all over Europe

Creating high-impact, long-lasting improvements in my client’s initiatives by leveraging a unique approach, leadership expertise and cloud-specific know-how. That’s my mission.

Achieved by understanding their specific challenges, defining a strategy and bringing their people back together to execute it.

With the passion and motivation to cause positive impact at some of the greatest, leading organizations in Europe.

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